Values that made the execution of Delhi Metro rail and Konkan Railway to international Standards.

  Values that made  the execution  of  Delhi Metro rail and Konkan Railway to international Standards.

Gist of memorial lecture   of  Rao Bahadur Col S.Paul   by   Padmavibhushan Sreedharan ,  CMD of Delhi Mero Rail corporation on 28/02/2013  . The Memorial lecture was organised by the Alumni association of College of Engineering Guindy ( AACEG), Anna University, Chennai-25  Esreedharan

Unique work culture and organizational values made way to create organizations at par with international standards. Engineers should  not work for salary alone, but they are accountable to the People who are paying the salaries. Railways run with public money and that money in turn is used for people and the projects of railways. These attitudes made a remarkable change in their work culture and the results produced definitely changed for the better.

Four basic values that made way to execute Major projects of Delhi Metro rail, Konkan Railway much ahead of schedule and with nil/ less cost overruns.

1)   Punctuality

2)   Integrity

3)   Professional Competence

4)   Social accountability.

Punctuality: Punctuality is courteousness that we show others by respecting their time. When we started our Projects, We insisted that we should maintain time, if we have to run our trains on time. This I had imbibed from one of our Professors in Kakinada, who came to class on time and left on time. Not a minute less and not a minute more. We tried and practiced this practice in our staff meetings and management meetings and the results that came out were extraordinary from people. We assiduously tried to inculcate and practice the same giving a maximum allowances of 60 Seconds for DMRC, wherein World standards permit up to 120 seconds for delay allowances of such trains . DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corpn) is running more than 15000 trips   per day  and carries a passenger load on an average of 25 lakh people every day.  This saved on average of 28 minutes in travel of people across the board every day and it was estimated that nearly one Lakh cars were not used because of the implementation of DMRC phase I and II. .  More than three Lakh man days were utilized for work every day instead of incessant travel.  The non usage of cars reduced the emission of 8 lakh pollutants that could have come into the atmosphere in Delhi city alone.  The benefits of running a world class Metro rail cannot be highlighted more than above as the benefits we could provide to institutions funding us.

Integrity:  We started practicing our work based on High moral values and honesty. This made us from the beginning to be seen as a fair and open organization. Reputation of our integrity made us take bold decisions. We had to face many trials and tribulations in the process, but on the longer run everything worked in our favor. People were more reasonable to our approach and started cooperating with us, Even though we handled huge sums of money and were involved intimately with the commonwealth games, DMRC was one of the few organizations not affected by a scandal or  vigilance actions that could impede decision making at higher levels We were taught  consistently that if you are fair and sincere, your mistakes will be accepted as a mistake, whereas if   you are not honest, even your mistakes are considered as with a bias or corruption .This gave us impeccable security and made us forge ahead of deadlines that were considered critical and serious to project execution. For Example DMRC Phase II Executed the 124 Km stretch in  three and a half years instead of Four and a half planned , because of the planning  to coincide it with the Commonwealth games . We could do the project in a record time that is considered as a world record not done in any part of the world so far..

Professional Competence: We insisted that we must have professional competence to know the sort of work we are doing by asking questions. Unless you know the job well, your colleagues and your contractors will not respect you.  You should get people and even foreign companies as Consultants with Proper Background, Proper training and Experience to execute such major projects.  We got the World best consultants into plan and trained all our staff wherever necessary, even to go abroad in few cases  for longer time . Then the trained people became trainers for the rest of us to cope up with pressures and details of such mammoth work.   We could build a team that felt totally comfortable to execute the job.

Social Accountability:  Social accountability is not only completing the project within time and within budgets. You should ensure that the people are not affected in anyway whatsoever that could be avoided. For example all the vehicles were cleaned prior to their coming into roads, Proper barricading was done to prevent workers getting exposed, nor commuters get disturbed due to the construction activity, Also proper roads/ traffic signals laid wherever diversion/ alternative roads were made available to public. This proved that we are taking care of Public interest and there were instances where people started saying that after Metro construction the traffic in Delhi  is moving fast.

Tree cutting in Delhi is considered as a crime and we had to get permission from 10 authorities to cut a tree going up to Lt Colonel of Delhi. But we had planned and started implementing across every construction site that we will plant and grow minimum 10 trees for every tree cut and this made people realize that we will not do any wrong and the total cooperative attitude of people came to our support.

Also on Konkan railway construction, which was a most difficult terrain to construct and run a railway, we had to get permission from over 40,000  land owners consent to get the contract sites possession. If we had taken the normal routes followed, It would have taken more than 10 years and higher costs to acquire the same. But we took a direct route by approaching the individual owners and started solving their problems and give them the reason of advantage of public. Within one and a half year, we could submit the consent letter for acquisition from over 95 % of the people. This goes to more than prove people respect your fairness and integrity and our steps to provide those solutions made them more cooperative. That is what we mean Social accountability and responsibility

. Mr E.Sreedharan advised that the best way to pay homage to the great  Rao Bahadur Lt Coln S Paul is to follow his best practices  as above that made people to become great architects of our country  . Dr Paul  was simple in his approach  , but at the same time was interested  innately in each one of his students and Personally he had also convinced himself ( Mr E Sreedharan )   to take  the seat at Kakinada engineering college , that has in hindsight helped him to be a topper in his college and also get into IRS as a high ranking officer from its first year inception. He thanked The Alumini of Anna university and in particular the 1953 batch of Anna university in having taken this  good initiative  to start a Memorial lecture Every Year .

The Whole Audience gave a standing ovation to  one of the most inspiring lectures delivered by the “METRO MAN “.  He deserves our best gratitude and wishes.


One thought on “Values that made the execution of Delhi Metro rail and Konkan Railway to international Standards.

  1. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Louis Paul
    Date: Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 2:35 PM
    Subject: RE: Feb 28 2013 was a red letter day in the History of Alumni of Anna university, where The Rao Bahadur Lt.Col S. Paul Memorial lecture was held.
    To: Broadline- Vijayabhaskar
    Cc: Prem Willie Paul , Lionel Paul

  2. , “”

    Dear Mr. Veerabadran,

    I am Louis Paul, the eldest of Col. Paul’s children. Thank you for preparing and circulating this account of the inaugural of the Memorial Lecture. You have summed it up very well and succinctly It will go into my e-file of the event. I am also forwarding it to my brothers and other interested friends.

    With many thanks and kind regards,

    Louis Paul

    Dear Mr V Vijayabhasker,

    I profusely thank you for sending me the good news of the Rao Bahadur Lt. Col. S Paul Memorial lecture delivered at the Alumni meeting at Guindy, Chennai on 28-02-2013. I am a guest admirer of our principal, Sri Paul and the Chief guest Mr E Sridharan, a great buider. I very much appreciate the efforts of Mr T H Choudary, my friend, who is also a great achiever in arranging this lecture.

    Dr V Malakonda Reddy
    Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 10:19:37 +0530
    Subject: Feb 28 2013 was a red letter day in the History of Alumni of Anna university, where The Rao Bahadur Lt.Col S. Paul Memorial lecture was held.

    Vijayabhaskar Veerabadran

    Feb 28 2013 was a red letter day in the History of Alumni of Anna university, where The Rao Bahadur Lt.Col S. Paul Memorial lecture was held. Who was MR Paul ? and Why there should be a Memory ? Why The Greatest among the present Indian Engineers DR Sreedharan CMD of Delhi Metro Rail was invited as chief guest to deliver one of the best lectures that we have seen in recent times on Administration and Probity of handling public money/ Handling large infrastructure projects.

    Mr S Paul was the Principal of the college of Engineering Guindy between 1948-55 ( then Composite Rajdhani state of madras comprising of Four States ) and was instrumental in making many engineers blossom into great engineering architects of our country. His students of 1951/52/53 batch headed by Mr T.H chowdary / Mr P Ramaswamy and others decided to create an endowment with their highest regards for their past principal , who has passed away nearly 35 years back from the world. All of them more than 80 years old and they still had the will to collect more than Rs 3.50 lacs towards the cause and The Dean Sekar was full of praise of these only 80 years young Alumni, who were bubbling with energy to honor their past principals. Hats off to them and Hope we can imitate a little bit of their goodness for our own benefit. This will speak a lot about the qualities of Mr Paul, which he imbibed to the young of those days, which they revere.

    Where is the connection of Mr Sreedharan here was another interesting Story. Mr E. Sreedharan had come to the college of Engineering Guindy to confirm his selection of a Seat in Madras and at that time there were only 4 engineering colleges( Madras, Kakinada, Coimbatore and Anantapore of the combined Rajdhani ) and He was disappointed to know that he had been selected for Kakinada engineering college, Which was only 3 years old then . He being from Palakkad and this being the first time coming out of Palakkad , was never inclined to go there. He was advised to Meet Mr Paul the principal, who had an open access to all students. He advised Mr Sreedharan that Kakinada was better suited to him as it had the New facilities, Good staff , Cheapest cost to stay in hostel and though it had an old building . In hindsight loss to Guindy was gain to the Country- INDIA as Mr Sreedharan became the topper in his batch in Kakinada nad also was selected in the First batch of Indian engineering Services (IRS) as one of the Toppers. The rest is part of Indian History as He has delivered to the country not only big projects but also a Team of Dedicated engineers who can execute Railway projects like Konkan Railway, Delhi Metro phase I and II , with records of having executed them much ahead of the scheduled time . No Scams involved, No Vigilance action and Plethora of major rails planned in Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Banglore, Mumbai . A record of sorts .

    As Dr Ananthakrishnan,,Former Vice chancellor pointed out, when there is a gloom of corruption and discouragement to do great things, People like Mr Paul and Sreedharan are becoming shining lights to strive to do great things without any fear of failure- For People who live for others, there will never be a cause for failure. Trials yes, Failure never.
    Mr Pauls two sons , Family of Mr E.Sreedharan , a large gathering of Alumni , staff and students , Professors of IIT were present on the occasion along with the press / media.
    One of the best meetings of Anna university Alumni.

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